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"Ant Hill 3D" introduction:

Calming screensaver about ants, in the evening time of day. Naturally transmitting behavior of insects. Feeling of summer the sound of cicadas and flying of butterflies, will always create in your house or office, warm period of year. The maximal realness in 3D world will force you to feel even a smell of a meadow and small whiff of a wind.

CNet Review:

For some people, the idea of watching ants crawl by is anything but relaxing. For others, this screensaver depicting a 3D version of a busy anthill might be the perfect ticket to a Zenlike calm. We found the ants' movements and the ambient soundtrack very realistic, although the quality of the overall picture will vary with the quality of a computer's video card. The software offers only a few customization options, allowing users to mute sound, set the screen resolution, or set the number of ants passing by from 1 to 999. In our tests, the program continued to work smoothly up to the maximum number of insects. If you were the kind of kid who always had an ant farm on your windowsill, this might be just the download you've always wanted.

"I hated it it made me nautious and I thought Ants looked like bill cosby."

it didn't kill me

it almost killed me and the description is in bad engrish.

"Great screensaver, I love it!"


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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet

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