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  "Animated Water Screen" introduction:

Animated Water Screen will use your existing desktop, add water-rippling effects, and make it look as if your desktop is filled with water. You also can run a slide show of your images in the water with a particular effect, and play your favorite MP3 files in the background. You even can use your own images and MP3 files to build stand-alone executables and screensavers for your friends or for any other purpose.

CNet Review:

This adware-free screensaver earns our respect due to its pleasing performance and large feature set. The program adds realistic waterdrop and rippling effects to your desktop. The default image displays a nature scene beneath the moving liquid, but you can apply Animated Water Screen s effects to any image you like. We always appreciate screensavers with an extensive feature set, and this one doesn t disappoint in that area. For instance, you can tweak the water-surface settings and create a custom soundtrack from your own music collection. The trial version displays a nag screen but at least doesn t force you to put spyware on your PC. We can recommend this application to anyone seeking a solid and flexible screensaver.

"One of the best water animations I've seen, beautiful and relaxing to watch."

Being able to load your own images allows turning your pics into a constantly-transforming screensaver. It is possible to get some mesmerizing effects simply by loading mixed sets of photos with of images of e.g. fractals and other patterned panels; trying different settings of the water effects sends the program cross-fading through them by gradually revealing each new image randomly through the water drops and radiating ripples of effect. It turns a set of familiar pictures into an entirely new visual experience. Adding your own soundtrack is icing on the cake. The appearance and the motion of the water is very realistic and convincing, and looks completely natural.

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