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  "Animated Visions of Mars" introduction:

Take a look at our vision for the future of Mars. Four scenes are featured in the free version: Manned Touchdown, Cathedral Cavern, Atmospheric Research Center, and the McKinley Biome. Try the Animated Visions of Mars screensaver for free and get a taste of man's future on the red planet. The demo includes the first manned touchdown in 2019 plus three other scenes. The Animated Visions of Mars full version includes an extra eight scenes, some of which include Mars City, Polar Station, Crater Lake, Storm Sentinels, and Pioneer Memorial.

CNet Review:

This nifty screensaver predicts the future of life on the infamous red planet by displaying four ideas of what may happen on Mars in the coming years. One scene depicts a spacecraft touching down on an empty field of sand, while yet another shows the exploration of a cavernous landscape. We really appreciated the well-drawn, attractive scenes, though we wish there were more movement in some of the shots. The sound effects are minimal, but they reinforce the feeling of isolation and desolation the screensaver conveys. Unfortunately, this program doesn't offer any customization options, so you'll have to view it strictly as is. The trial version doesn't include all the scenes of the full version, but it also doesn't cram adware down your throat the way many screensavers do. Sci-fi fans and space enthusiasts will most enjoy Animated Visions of Mars, but it's likely to appeal to many other users, too.

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