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  "Animated 3D Museum" introduction:

Animated 3D Museum loads user images and sound files automatically from user-selectable directories. The program follows ScreenBOT as he travels around the user's museum, viewing his or her pictures as museum exhibits. There is a Manual Game Travel Mode, which allows the user to control ScreenBOT and the camera, using arrow keys and mouse motions. This feature might be neat for families with young children, as it is novel to rotate around images of themselves onscreen. The program is a visual alternative to the simple, flat views usually offered by most screensavers of this genre. You even can use actual art posters from several museum sites listed on the Wise Owl Web site.

CNet Review:

This unique screensaver lets you build a 3D museum out of your digital photos, that, short of a few flexibility issues, we found pleasing. Upon launch, Animated 3D Museum prompts you to add photos to display and lets choose your own music files as a sound track. The application then shows your images rendered in a museum-like atmosphere, with a small, animated robot as your guide. We found the effect of seeing our photos displayed in this 3D environment impressive and somewhat eerie. However, we thought both the robot and the museum background looked rather basic, and would have liked the ability to change them. We did successfully prevent the animated guide from appearing onscreen, and we appreciated the options for switching the camera view and using the keyboard to navigate the museum. In manual control mode, we would like to see key commands for rotating the view. You can use the mouse, but there is no sensitivity control and we found the screen rotating too rapidly with all but the lightest touch. We were impressed by the effect created by this Animated 3D Museum and think anyone looking for a unique screensaver should give it a try.

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