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  "Animals Close-Ups Screensaver" introduction:

Get up close and personal in this screen saver. The photos within zoom in on many different species. From the texture and wisdom of an elephant's face, to a frog no bigger than a thumbnail, to a newborn baby mouse. Take a closer thought provoking look at things you wouldn't normally notice in this unique screen saver. The screensaver also includes: sticky note feature for custom on-screen message; Use any image as your own custom wallpaper; Special artistic effects; 100+ screen transition effects; Display images in sequential or random order; Set image display time; Resize images to desired size; multi-monitor support.

CNet Review:

Unless you're a zookeeper or a rancher, you probably rarely get to see animals other than cats or dogs close up. This screensaver displays pictures that zoom in on a variety of species, ranging from an elephant to a baby mouse, all featuring generally high image quality. It offers an extensive feature set for a free download, giving users control over transition effects, image size, background, and the interval between images, although no soundtrack is provided. A few special effects such as sepia tone are included. Any image can be used as wallpaper for a computer's desktop, and users can leave a virtual sticky note onscreen while the program is running. However, the screensaver comes bundled with a separate Internet Explorer toolbar, so be cautious if you don't want this extra component on your computer. This factor aside, many animal lovers may enjoy this download.

"Beautiful photos with little advertising"

The animal photos are incredible! This is one that the kids and I can both agree on for once. Great for home or the office!

I didn't really care for the web site's name being constantly on the bottom, but is there such thing as life without ads?

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