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  "An Orchid Cactus" introduction:

Released in June 2006 "An Orchid Cactus: Disocactus ackermanii" is one of the Single Plant Studies modules. An Orchid Cactus (screensaver, pdf document and QuickTime movie album): ‚?®75 screens. The Orchid Cactus in this module is (very probably) Disocactus ackermanii. Information and thumbs page; acknowledgements and information page; one collage; one quotation; themes of ‚??plant to petal‚?? and ‚??bud to bloom‚?? illustrated across the sequence of 70 different photographs, all of a single plant. The Mini Photo Album (QuickTime Movie), which you can download for free here, will allow you to study all the screens in this screensaver module, albeit at smaller resolution than the full screensaver, the full size photo album and the pdf document that you get with your purchase of this An Orchid Cactus module. The full module may be purchased and downloaded at http://www.flowerscreens.com/AnOrchidCactus.html

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