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  "An Eggstremely 3D Easter Screensaver" introduction:

From the makers of A Very 3D Christmas Screensaver comes yet another completely unique 3D screensaver, which displays the Easter Bunny as he roams through backyards hiding eggs, jumping fences, and overcoming any dogs who stand in his way, all in amazing real-time 3D graphics. He also has access to his own version of Q Branch, Professor Poultry, an intelligent chicken who provides him with eggspress ways to deliver eggs faster. This screensaver also features a countdown to Easter Sunday and 10 Easter-related tunes as background music, all of which are guaranteed to annoy your coworkers. Music can also be turned off.

CNet Review:

This funny screensaver celebrates the Easter holiday in a unique way. An Eggstremely 3D Easter Screensaver shows the Easter Bunny walking through yards with a 3D camera following him from different angles. The bunny drops eggs on the ground, then leaps the fence to distribute eggs in another yard. When he lands in a yard with a dog, he whips eggs at the dog until it submits, after which the bunny runs off to the next yard. The several included soundtracks are sprightly, but you will be thankful you can turn the audio off. The screensaver itself demands high specifications from your PC or it will run extremely slowly. Moreover, you have to click through the standard Settings button to get to the module-specific area where you can change settings such as mute and the number of flowers. You can even have a timer count down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until Easter. The nag overlay text occasionally intrudes, but it goes away soon enough. The struggle of the Easter Bunny in suburbia makes for a cute seasonal screensaver.

"It was OK, but not worth $9.95."

"Not worth it. Even the free part."

It is Easter themed - the bunny part, not the religion part. If you like muddy midi songs, or slow and dated graphics - this is for you.

Kids hated it. I though it was dated and too loud. Animation was painfully slow - even on a newer dual core with a fairly high end graphics card. It lasted almost twelve minutes on my machine before I uninstalled it.

Not worth the time it took to install it.

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