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  "American Sand Dunes Screen Saver" introduction:

Sand dunes possess both sensuous and foreboding qualities. The stark beauty of these naturally sculpted landscapes carries shape and texture blended with soft colors. From pictures of coastal dunes to hot deserts and tall, high-altitude grandeur, American Sand Dunes Screen Saver depicts stunning contrasts in every season. The pictures are accompanied by a natural, acoustically based digital soundtrack, and all images are captioned. The excellent screensaver engine provides options for adjusting the delay between pictures, full-screen or original sizing, audio muting, 23 transition effects, and Microsoft Plus support.

CNet Review:

True to its promise, this screensaver displays a number of shots featuring sand dunes found in the western United States. Some of the sand masses, such as Colorado's Great Sand Dunes, are quite well-known, whereas others will probably be familiar only to die-hard outdoor enthusiasts. It's nice that American Sand Dunes Screen Saver displays informational captions about where each shot was taken, but we wish the images themselves were sharper; some look blurry and pixelated. Also, though the theme music is relaxing, you'll hear a noticeable gap before the loop starts again, even when you set the audio interval to zero seconds. However, we did appreciate the feature set, which allows you to determine the time between image swaps, to choose from a list of transition effects, and to determine the location and appearance of the captions. This program is far from perfect, but if you're hoarding nature-based screensavers, it won't hurt to test out this one.

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