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"American Presidents Screensaver" introduction:

Version 1.3 shows images of every United States president, from George Washington to George W. Bush. Most images are accompanied by a quote from or about that president. The purpose of this screensaver is to show the importance of honesty, uprightness, service, and faith in God to the office of the President. 42 images are included. This screensaver comes with a Screensaver Control utility that makes it easy to select, configure, and launch any installed screensaver with a click of the system tray icon.

"very good"

very educational

"this is good, now you need 1 before elections, call it promises made/kept"

enjoyed good history lesson

pictures could be better

"Good idea but there are much better pictures out there that could have been used."

"Its inspiring"

Summary: This is from a rare class


Summary: n

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