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  "Amazon Rainforest" introduction:

Explore the beauty of the Amazon Rainforest in this desktop theme. Includes all animated cursors, extra icons, startup/shutdown/wait screens, Web views and all MPEG Layer3 sounds. Bonus: Includes Amazon Rainforest trial screensaver.

"blue world!"

nice icons and cursors

this theme turns your life into blue, sounds are loud, not a good wallpaper

"I think it's good and easy to download for educational purposes"

this is an easy to download product necessary for teachers at elementary levels

I liked everything

"Ummm....what was that about?"

well, i don't know

it's very cheesy. i expected better graphics and animation. my 7 year old cousin could do this on his own.


Summary: I don't know what kind of instrument they use on this theme, but it is very pretty. I like the picture and the effects. I actually find this theme soothing to the soul. I hope this company comes up with another one.....thank you


Summary: It's a well done theme, but I'm not crazy about it. It makes the task tray icons too large. The sounds are good. All in all, a very nice theme.

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