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Watch your favorite JPEG, GIF, BMP, or PNG images float gracefully around your screen, with the Amazing Images Screen Saver. The easy-to-use interface makes customizing your screensaver a snap. Options include different image movements, float speed settings, an unlimited number of images to cycle through, password protection, and the ability to play MP3, MIDI, and CD audio. For the home user, this product is great for displaying family photos. For the business user, it can act as an advertising tool by displaying corporate logos or showcasing products. Employers can also send information bulletins directly to employee screens using a network connection. It includes a scrolling marquee that allows you to display the date, time, and a filename, or a personal message, in any font or color. You can also track the status of your GetRight downloads.

"Excellent Program!!!!"

This is by far the best "User your own images" screensaver out there. This listing on download.com is very very old. You guys at download.com should relize that this program have seen updated many times since 1998!!!!!!

None. Really I can't find anything wrong.

"Great program!!!!"

"Pretty good program with cool mp3 feature"

Summary: I like this program because it can play mp3s during the screen saver. Also it displays your own photos or other images by alphabetically or randomly. The cool thing about this program is the resuming song when the screen saver plays again. So when t...

"Easy to use and retains image quality well"

"never get any better"

Summary: Its the best Program I ever had as a screen savor,try it and then you see what the town is talking about baby.

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