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  "Amazing Girls Screensaver Free Edition" introduction:

Bright, colorful, amazing girls will be living on your screen! The pretty red, blondes, and brunettes come and go one by one. They are gentle, fantastic, fine and mysterious. This free screensaver includes 5 full-color drawn images.

"Don't Bother"

Uninstalled very easily!

I actually LIKE cartoon girls, but mostly anime. This is not very well drawn. Two thumbs and one additional extremity down!!! Haha I really crack myself up sometimes!!!

"Cartoon women with SciFi " additions ""

I would rate this as a product a 10 year old might find interesting. I like my women to be real. Thank You.

See above

"If you like cartoon drawn girls this is the one for you."

Summary: The girls are great although I would like to see at least three of them bigger breasted (you pick them).

"no no no no no !!"

"it is not worth your time to download"

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