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  "Amazing Fractal Spectrum Screensaver" introduction:

Amazing Fractal Spectrum Screensaver is a configurable screensaver features over 20 transition effects, Screen Saver Control tray icon, Microsoft Plus style screensaver features, Desktop Quickstart and great digital fractal art.

"Collection of low-res, pre-rendered, and static images"

It's free, and it includes a taskbar icon to control your screensaver (pause it for some minutes, etc)

The title of my review says it all: If I want to see fractals, I spect to see at least color animation (zoom-in or progressive drawing animation preferred), I spect to see them in full-screen and hi-res.

Summary: I think it's not worth the download. I graded it with two stars, and not with one because it installed and uninstalled transparently.

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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