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  "All Sea Screen Saver" introduction:

"'All Sea' Screen Saver is a free Srceensaver with over 110 high quality Pics of stunningly beautiful saltwater wildlife from the world seas. Great and unusual shots of everything from giant Wales to striped Shrimp, Invertebrates, Vertebrates, Coral Reefs, Star fish, Jelly Fish, colored Shells, Sea turtles, Seals, Dolphins, Anemones, Sponges, Fish, Aquatic Plants, saltwater wildlife. This great Srceensaver has no annoying ad's or visible web links to muck up Photographers work. Anyone that likes a saltwater fish tank will like this. Has install and uninstall, HELP (.hlp)and(.html), Credits, Program info, Contact info, ect. in folder with saver."

"To Simple"

Easy download,Easy unistall

boring needs more detail add sound could make a good screensaver

"Beautiful Pictures of the Sea"

Summary: This is a salt water lovers dream! With 100 pictures, one does not get bored. The best part is that it is not adware or spyware. Worth the download.


Summary: this is an very boring screen saver

"not wroth it"

Summary: its okay if you like just photos of the sea changing on your screen
othwerwise don't bother


Summary: Much better ones out there

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