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  "Alien Dreams Screensaver" introduction:

Numerous alien spaceships fly and swoop and do amazing maneuvers above an alien planet. Features include more than 30 different screens of animation. Each screen's animation patterns of movement are random. The order of screens is random. It has numerous fully animated graphics, an alien world background, and a fully independent foreground with a mountain range the alien ships can fly behind.


"Very sad"

Summary: If this was a 11 year old who designed this, it would be good for a first time project.

"small download...... mmmmm..... thats about it."

Summary: I have to admin its very..... ehhhhh crumby..... yeah crumby thats about the right word, very '1970s', download it for yourself to see, its small enough, but your wasting your time if your looking for a quality screen saver cos this just isnt one I'...

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