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  "Alf's ScreenSaver Manager" introduction:

"A system tray icon that lets you temporarily disable the screensaver, e.g. for keeping an eye on a long download or for watching a video. Also, start the screensaver in a single click. And configure the screensaver."

"Good, but needs a little improvement"

This program is simple, and does the job well

One more little feature would have been nice. Namely, a keyboard shortcut to start the screensaver, rather than having to use the mouse, so that I can park my mouse before activating (otherwise the screensaver is cancelled as soon as I park the mouse in its housing. That rather defeats the object!)

"Simple and effective"

Sits in the tray and does just the job I needed, the ability to switch on and off the screen saver quickly, also allows you to configure the screen saver if required.

"Very simple to use stable program"

Summary: I had a screen saver saver controller that worked until I upgraded to Windows XP Pro. I tried several replacements and all had quirks with XP operation. This one works great, is stable and allows you to turn on/off your saver or do settings all fr...

"Simple but so covenience"

Summary: There is not so many screensaber control utility on market. I have a lot of screen savers and change them around through my mood. Without this, I must do it by open the display property (either left click on desk top or through control panel) But no...

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