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  "Alaska's Majestic Wildlife" introduction:

Alaska's Majestic Wildlife features 40 engaging photos and tranquil MP3 music. You will marvel at Alaska's most popular critters, including bears, wolves, moose, eagles, dall sheep, otters, puffins, ptarmigan, owls, goats, caribou, beaver, pika, loons, wolverine, seals, walrus, lynx, and fox. Each image is picked especially for its personality. There are no dull or lifeless portraits. You almost can hear each critter breathe. There are more than 100 transitions to admire. The time delay between slides is adjustable. The length of time each image appears also is adjustable from 1 to 60 seconds. The full version has 3.9 MB of CD quality MP3 music, with a mute option. All 40 images in the full version are optimized to 1024 by 768, and are adjustable to display properly on all monitors.

CNet Review:

Many of America's most marvelous creatures call the rugged state of Alaska home, but this screensaver lets you get up-close and personal with these animals no matter where you live. Alaska's Majestic Wildlife's high-quality images run the gamut from action shots such as fishing grizzly bears to close-up photos of otters, owls, and wolves. Though the demo limits the number of available full-screen shots, we think most users will still find enough variety here, especially since the screensaver often overlays smaller wildlife pictures on the screen. The relaxing soundtrack seems appropriate to the subject matter, but you can always turn it off if you beg to differ. The program also lets you determine the interval between images but won't allow you to set transition effects yourself. We're happy to report that Alaska's Majestic Wildlife contains no adware, although the trial does subject you to nag screens. But overall, this screensaver makes a suitable download for any animal lover or wildlife enthusiast.

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