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  "Alambik Basic Core - Free Editor" introduction:

Alambik Script is a new audiovisual language that can handle 2D, 3D, music, and streaming audio and video broadcasts. Alambik is a real-time, software-only, multiplatform language, which can produce web-inlays, screensavers, games, utilities. With Alambik Script, you can view and interact with 2D, 3D and Sound: just one language, many different outputs. Similar in use to HTML, Alambik Script 4.0 combines a complete set of text-based programming instructions with text-based audiovisual commands (video, audio, 2D, 3D, vectorial). As with HTML, you can save or view sources created with the free version of the Alambik Script 4.0 Editor via a right-click menu.

"A multi purpose audiovisual language"

Summary: I had a doubt about this product that it was a "shareware"... But it's definitely NOT - it is a real FREE authoring tool !
I was looking for a long time for a multipurpose technologie that can handle at once 3D, 2D, video, programing, music, m...

"A very powerful tool."

Summary: It takes a lot to get your brain around this application, but judging by some of the astounding creations that this tool has created, it appears to be very much worth it. Remember when Flash was just "futuresplash" ? This tool is at that stage. It...


Summary: This is a great program that allowed me to make lot of interactive things for my website!

"at last a scripting language I can use !"

Summary: It is a bit difficult to start with but I have found the basic examples included in the documentation very usefull. I understand it cost only USD 49 to access more instructions of the language.

Thank you download.com


Summary: A nice director like, i had the same problem with the viewer needed. But i needed 5 seconds to find it with google. http://www.net-viewer.com, here it is.

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