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  "Active Desktop Calendar" introduction:

This fully customizable calendar with notes, tasks, alarms and contacts provides seamless integration and interactivity with the desktop background. You can organize data in color coded layers and share them in a local network. The program integrates with Outlook to show its appointments/tasks on the desktop and offers connection with Google calendars and web based ICS files. There are preset calendars with holidays for different countries. You can choose calendar icons, fonts, colors and type: one, two or three months on the desktop. Through interactive desktop the program accepts clicks on dates, appointments and tasks. Printing calendar data is easy, in monthly view or as a list of appointments in a chosen date range. Built-in address book allows you to keep details about all your contacts and import them from other programs. CSV and iCal formats are supported for importing and exporting data. The program saves daily backup automatically. World clock screensaver is also included.

Version 7.78 build 090605 has new option to quickly make a new task from an existing note.

CNet Review:

Need to keep up to date? Try the unobtrusive but feature-rich Active Desktop Calendar. Launching at start-up, it displays an attractive three-month calendar view on, yes, your desktop. By double-clicking a day or the sidebar, you can quickly access tasks and see details of upcoming events. You also can display Outlook information and download and connect to other people's calendars via a LAN to see changes in their schedules. The program has a simple contact manager as well.

Considering all the cool stuff it does, Active Desktop Calendar doesn't consume much memory. We did notice a few shortcomings in this generally excellent program. For example, though the window for adding a new note contains a subject line and a body field, only the subject-line text appears on the calendar and in the sidebar. The monthly calendar view looks pretty clunky, too. On the bright side, you can switch among several desktop images and set the program as the default screensaver, which will display several world clocks.

Active Desktop Calendar also exports and imports iCal calendar files and can read your Google Calendar on the hour (though not, apparently, at specified intervals or on demand, which is a bit frustrating). Overall, this program's strong functionality and design make it a good choice for home and business users.

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