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  "Ace ScreenSaver" introduction:

Ace Screensaver provides an easy way to create your own screensavers by simply selecting image files. Ace Screensaver allows you to configure the screensaver to your tastes by providing the ability to scale picture sizes, display your pictures at random, adjust the time between each image, set the background color, create a list of your own transitions from the 90 available transitional effects, and more. It also features the option to play sound files as background music, thumbnail previews, and password protection. New version add fade in/out transition and fixed some bugs will lock the system.

CNet Review:

For quickly creating your own screensavers from photos and music, Ace ScreenSaver is a decent bet. Its no-nonsense interface is a snap to use. First, you select individual images (or whole image folders) and audio tracks in MP3 format. Next, you set the order for the images and the soundtracks. Ace ScreenSaver offers a good selection of transition effects you can preview in real time. You can save your finished screensaver in the program's internal format or as a self-installing executable. However, if you plan on selling your screensaver, note you can't add any shareware restrictions. Ace ScreenSaver is best suited to home users who want to turn their favorite snapshots into a Desktop memento.


"I wish this had some kind of preview or screenshots"

Thats my only comment. It is rated very well by staff, and number of downloads show that it must be liked

I don't know if I really want to download this and install, only to find that I don't like any of the features, or for that matter, that I do like. This would be a waste of my time just to preview any feature whatsover.

Summary: If you like to just experiment around with different applications and screensavers, go ahead and download this. For other of us that are more picky and require more information before downloading or installing something that is rated well, but does ...

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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