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  "Abextra Aquarium Screensaver" introduction:

Abextra Aquarium Screensaver is a free aquarium screensaver. Watch fish of varying colors pass slowly and bubbles that rise from the bottom.

CNet Review:

We wouldn't call this screensaver particularly impressive, but it is colorful and totally free. As you might guess from its name, Abextra Aquarium Screensaver places various species of tropical fish on your PC as bubbles slowly rise to the top of your screen. While the fish themselves don't look particularly bad, they swim in an unrealistic manner. We also wished for a greater variety of species and the ability to select which ones appear onscreen. Also, you'll have to deal with looking at the developer's ever-present logo in the top-left corner of your monitor. This screensaver conspicuously lacks extensive customization options. And though you'll find a box for disabling the sound, we heard nothing even when we left it unchecked. Abextra Aquarium Screensaver most likely will interest small children, and their parents will certainly like its price.

"stupid bullcrap"

there are none its ad for them

dont waste your time with morons like this they shouldnt allow this on cnet if you want money then say it up front no sense in trying to trick people. idiots

"Bad advertising idea. Lifeless fish.... Boring"


A bad advertising idea disguised as a "FREE" screensaver... Theres nothing funny about an screensaver with a permanent advertisement. Poor try guys. I will delete it right away. Dont waste your precious time downloading this.

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