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  "A Winter Wonderland" introduction:

You're in a forest clearing somewhere near the North Pole. All kinds of characters drop by in this screensaver, and if you stay long enough, you may just see Santa himself.

CNet Review:

In A Winter Wonderland, 3D cartoon elves and children cavort in a photorealistic snowy forest clearing. Cartoony snowflakes fall as moderately realistic reindeer toss Christmas decorations around on their antlers. Occasionally Santa strides through and says "Merry Christmas," but that's the only audio. The screensaver doesn't appear on the Add/Remove list, but the installation tells you where to find the file (C:\Windows\system32\) for manual removal. Nag notices overwhelm the program's daffy charm. When the program first starts, it presents a promo screen for about 20 seconds before starting the animation. Scrolling nag text appears frequently, and after a couple of minutes, the nag screen appears again for a few seconds. You can exit the screensaver by pressing any key. Since the quality of music varies so widely among screensavers, the lack of even a song snippet makes it impossible to evaluate A Winter Wonderland properly.

"It's far too goofy."

Summary: Having to click keys to get rid of it is annoying. Doubly annoying are the marquee advertisement to purchase the product and the advertising delay at startup. AND I can't find it to delete it. It's not listed under either name that shows up on the p...

"Why ruin a good picture with animation"

Summary: You can't even stop it without having to go to there site first. And what is up with the animations on top of a gret picture?


Summary: Annoying pop-up wants you to register and pay $1.75. While it's not a lot of $, it's NOT FREE

"Decent for the Holidays"

Summary: There is a nice collection of animated charcters and a nice winter scene.

"Not bad. Nice image selection"

Summary: This has some nice animation and a nice selection of holiday characters.

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