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  "A Very 3D Christmas Screen Saver" introduction:

This unique 3D screensaver gives away the secret of how Santa manages to deliver all those presents on Christmas eve. As he cruises through the sky in his sleigh, the elf does all the work, tirelessly throwing presents down the chimneys of the houses below. When the elf needs a break, Santa brings the sleigh in for a landing and climbs down the chimney himself to make a special delivery. This screensaver features amazing real-time 3D animation, so you never see the same thing twice. It also features more than 50 Christmas carols as background music to help drive your coworkers mental. A countdown to Christmas day is only one of many configuration options. A 3D video card is recommended. You also may want to upgrade your OpenGL drivers. Version 2 may include all new graphics. New Santa, New Elf, New Houses, it all looks much better in v2.0.

CNet Review:

Although not the best-looking holiday screensaver ever, A Very 3D Christmas Screensaver evokes the spirit of the season with its MIDI melodies and 3D depiction of Santa and his reindeer making their yearly delivery of presents. The graphics and sound are fairly primitive, but the screensaver offers a host of settings. You can choose from a large selection of merry carols, display a message counting off the days until Christmas, and even control the density of snow and stars and the number of houses and reindeer. A Very 3D Christmas Screensaver will appeal to children (and children at heart) whose hearts pitter-patter at the thought of Santa's sleigh.

"It was good for what it was."

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