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  "AARON" introduction:

This is not an ordinary screensaver--AARON is one of the first fine-art screensavers to utilize artificial intelligence to continuously create original paintings on your PC. Each painting is completely different. You actually see each line being drawn and each color being applied, stroke by stroke. AARON was not created overnight; Harold Cohen created AARON over a period of nearly 30 years. AARON's paintings are unique and creative and have found homes in museums all over the world.


Summary: This program sucks and has no good parts to it. You just sit around and watch the f-cking computer paint a worthless picture once everyday.


Summary: its sucks and has spyware installed. do not download

"Decent program, but this is not artificial intelligent"

Summary: There is only one style of drawing often repeating the same picture. I can see much variation. It gets a 1 for being an artificial intelligent program, but a 4 for being a good screen saver program, there are enough pictures of the same theme to ma...

"piece of ______, never had to reset display to uninstall a program before"

Summary: This is a real disappointment.

"Waste of space..."

Summary: This program has for some reason recieved a lot of positive reviews and is supposed to use artificial intellegence to create unique "art." Basicaly AARON draws some combination of blocky stick people and fractal potted plants. Not exactly state of ...

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