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  "7art Crystal Clock" introduction:

Time works wonders. Crystal Clock knows how to make it work for you. When this screensaver rolls over the screen, time that goes through the magic crystal gets refracted to return to you and fill your life with wonders, happiness, and beauty. Version 2.4 has enhanced backgrounds.

CNet Review:

This free desktop clock takes shapes as a screensaver. We didn't particularly care for the numerous desktop and taskbar icons that came with it, but 7art Crystal Clock performed its job well.

Once installed, 7art Crystal Clock appears in your screensaver menu. Like your other screensavers, you can set the time intervals for it to appear. While that was straightforward, we weren't happy that it also managed to install five other icons to our desktop that pushed other products. Also installed was a taskbar icon that really served no real purpose other than to provide contact information for the publisher. However, once activated, the screensaver appears and takes over your entire screen. The analog clock has an attractive design, with a crystal-inspired background that changes color each time it appears. There is no Help file, but the taskbar icon provides a link that takes you to the publisher's Web site so that you can contact them with any questions you might have.

If you're looking for a screensaver that does more than look pretty, this desktop clock works well. You'll have to decide if this freeware is worth the extras it adds without permission.

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