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  "495 Amazing Free Stuff Sites And Directory of Freebies" introduction:

Gives you a big list of free stuff portals on the Internet. Never have to go through the hassle of searching for free sites through search engines anymore! You get 495 free stuff sites all in *one* ebook! And as a special bonus, you'll also find a selection of handpicked free stuff in this ebook.

"Very BAD"

Summary: Don't waste your time on this. I downloaded it twice, and only the ads in the right column work now.
None of the links in the left hand column work for the "supposed" freebies.

CNet should now remove this because it is either ...

""very good source""

Summary: I found several Freebie items of interest. There are a lot of items for babys, that I haven't seenon any other freebie site.

"It's O.K."

Summary: it's a O.K.program. Its a web site that has several freebie web site. overall it is interesting.

"It's really a very handy book. I love it!"

Summary: I don't know about you but I love freebies. And I was surprised to see so many free stuff sites in this ebook. True goldmine of freebies! :-)

"alot of links, works fine good resource!"

It downloads very quickly and basicaally contains ALOT of links to freebie sites. it works completely fine on my windows ME so i dont know why others had problems, you may as well try because it only takes a minute

alot of the links seem to be for american freebies so if your british not so good. a few of the links are dead but there are so many to choose from its not too bad

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