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  "3D Wormhole" introduction:

3D Wormhole will delight you with its movement and color. You'll watch the iris open and then be propelled down a dizzying wormhole. This saver is completely configurable. You can control the color and density of the walls of the tunnel. The end of tunnel effect can be turned on and off and the iris can be colorized. In addition you can adjust the speed, quality, depth and curves. As soon as the mouse is touched, you will see your desktop at the end of the tunnel and you are quickly transported there to resume your work.

"I think it really cool!"

You can adjust the size, speed and path to you liking then travel through an amazing colorful, fun, tunnel.


Summary: Might have made an acceptable screen saver 5 years ago. Now it's just really boring. Shouldn't have 3D in its name, does not use 3D at all.

"Cool colors, awesome movement"

Summary: Really like this one. Makes my stomach drop like a roller coaster. It's a keeper


Summary: well, it sucks. it looks like garbage, and it doesn't work with dual monitors. what else can i say?

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