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  "3D Valentine Hearts Screensaver" introduction:

Say I Love You with this elegant 3D Valentine Hearts Screensaver. Screensaver combines whimsical 3D floating hearts displaying various Valentine messages with a 3D text I Love You while framed with lovely roses and romantic music in the background.

CNet Review:

More an animated greeting card than a true screensaver, this software provides a quick way to express your feelings to a loved one. It features images of flowers, with flying hearts that periodically arrange themselves into the words I Love You. The software also allows users to type in the name of the person getting the greeting, along with other messages. The 3D graphics are fairly primitive, but as a result the software can run even on computers with low-end graphics cards. No soundtrack is provided, but the program can trigger music that's already on the computer. It's unlikely to stay on a computer year-round, but if you're looking for a nice way to surprise a loved one on the computer, this software may do the trick.

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