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"3D Smiley Guys" introduction:

3D Smiley Guys has stylized animations of varied sized emoticons set against a solid background. Users can tint the smileys and change the background color. The loony background music is perfect for these creatures' crazy antics. The demo contains a full set of features. Have fun customizing this screensaver to your preferences. In addition to background tint, separate animation tint, brightness, sound mute, and volume control, you also can play your own MP3 music. The application contains animated GIF images and sound files. Password protection is available. You can remove the demo using the Windows Control Panel Add/Remove programs. It also is available as a free 3D still or animated eCard at www.SanDiegoEcards.com.

Version 1.1 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

CNet Review:

This wacky screensaver can help inject a dreary day with a bit of cheer. After you fire up 3D Smiley Guys, you'll see emoticons with some real personality floating across your monitor. Some of the smiley guys are reading, some are juggling, and others are smacking themselves in the noggin with a baseball bat. We didn't have any problems with the application's graphics, and the off-kilter theme music suits the mood well. Notable customization options include the ability to adjust the soundtrack volume, tweak the brightness, and change the tint of both the background color and the emoticons themselves. The short one-week trial period might seem like a downer, but on all other counts, this program is worth a grin or two.

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