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  "3D Sea Turtles" introduction:

For the environmentally minded, 3D Sea Turtles shows turtles swimming amid coral, tropical fish, and sea plants with realistic motion. Animated images are 3D-modeled animated GIFs. The software contains sound files of actual turtle calls, and the background is coral and sea caves with individual coral collections showing in the foreground. Sound can be muted in the full version, and password protection is available. The program is also available as part of a large ocean set at significantly reduced per-screensaver prices.

CNet Review:

This screensaver depicts an underwater world with sea turtles sailing around a coral reef. The corals look like a photo, whereas the turtles don't look natural at all. The creatures are obviously animated GIFs whose limitations are highlighted by the magical background. That background image, while beautiful, never changes. Moreover, the sound that these sea turtles make is somewhat repulsive. Thank goodness you can switch the sound off, although that is the only setting 3D Sea Turtles has. Fans of undersea scenes in general or sea turtles in particular may enjoy this program.


Summary: Very nice imagery. The corals are colorful. Sea turtles swim around in the sea with turtles sounds.

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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