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  "3D Sea Aquarium Screensaver" introduction:

This Sea Aquarium is a true 3D experience. Tickle the fish, feed the fish, and set the lighting to change automatically. You get four extremely realistic scenes and 10 tropical fish that swim under the rippling surface water. It also is a true 3D screensaver, so you will need a 3D display card and DirectX 9 to get the best results. No toolbars or adware are included.

CNet Review:

On most counts, this aquarium-themed screensaver seems like an excellent option. 3D Sea Aquarium Screensaver's appearance is top-notch; the four background scenes are nicely designed and good-looking, and the movement of the fish looks true to life. You can choose between two water sounds, as well as three styles of bubbles. Folks who demand a high degree of control over the way their screensavers appear won't be disappointed. For example, you can change the color of the ambient light morphing, add or remove certain species of fish from the scene, and tweak the speed of the bubbles. Besides the somewhat short two-week trial period, this screensaver's main disadvantage is it appeared to launch and close rather sluggishly, even when tested on a fairly powerful machine. But aside from that, 3D Sea Aquarium Screensaver offers plenty to recommend.

"very best"

very best

very best

"No adware and no spyware. For the price this is the best deal!"

Not sure what the one reviewer saw but there is no spyware or adware.

Not as many fish as some of the others (10 total)

"Adware, Spyware, Tracking Cookies... this "free" download had 'em all!"

My computer quarantined you with the first scan, so I didn't get to enjoy anything.

I suppose it would have to be all the adware, spyware and tracking cookies that you put on my computer. I got the first hint when every time I clicked on a site, your URL came up for just a split second. Did a scan and ol' Norton 360 found you right off! Now you're history, unless you put something on me again...well, off to scan again!

"not very inspiring"

nice variety of painted environments

i'm not sure why this is such a popular download. it doesn't look all that great and fish don't swim very realistically. Default bubble sound is kinda creepy.

"Probably the best one around, but the bugs let it down. Heard of QA guys?"

The best things about this product are many. You can choose you own music and have that playing by itself or you can have the standard sounds or both. The tickle fish feature is cool and the fish in this screensaver actually move realistically which makes the screensaver. Even better for dual monitor people like myself is that this screen saver operates on both monitors. Compare that the other "so-called" screen savers that only run on the primary display. What, my second display isn't worth saving? Lol. I guess these days screen saving is a fairly moot issue, but you get the idea. The programmers here thought about the minority too. Of all the water based screen savers I've seen this is the one I'd recommend. Had it not been for the bugs (see cons) I'd give it 5 stars.

When I installed this, the short cut created on the desktop did nothing useful. It just opens in notepad; maybe file association issues on my PC. Next if you're too quick to click Settings in the Display Properties (after you choose the 3D Sea Aquarium in the drop down), you'll get two instances of the screen saver running (verified in task manager and the fact the music is playing twice) which was a bugger to work out. Now I know what I did to get it I can work around it. Another minor gripe is that the setting UI is a little rough - mainly in layout - but it does have a nice preview and is functional. Next, if my ears aren't deceiving me, the second time the song played through this screen saver the volume increased by quite a bit. Even while I am writing this I just hit another issue; the settings somehow lost the mp3 I had set up for the music. I've only been using this for 30 minutes, but already hit 3 or 4 real bugs in the software. Starting to get over my initial good feelings.... I won't re-write the pros though, they are still valid.

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