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  "3-D Runaway Sleigh" introduction:

Frantic Elf falls in and out of the sleigh, loses his hat, and struggles to control the runaway sleigh during a fierce snowstorm. The sleigh maneuvers in and around a mountain scene as snow falls. The application contains video and quaint elfy music in MP3 format. You can select from falling toys, such as teddy bears, toy drums, rag dolls, and toy soldiers. Select from preset tints or time of day presets to give a morning, evening, or night effect. You even can go wild and make everything purple. With the demo you also can play one MP3 music file of your own. The demo expires in seven days. The registered version never expires, allows you to play up to 10 MP3 music files of your own, and doesn't have the registration reminder overlay text. The demo contains an almost full set of features, such as sound mute and volume control, and the ability to adjust the background tint, the brightness, the color, the size, the fade, and the velocity of falling animations. Have fun customizing this screensaver to your preferences and it also has password protection.

Version 2.0 adds an expanded Control panel.

CNet Review:

It's hard not to laugh at 3D Runaway Sleigh, an unusual holiday screensaver. A spindly elf tries to regain control of his single-reindeer sleigh in a furious snowstorm. He lurches about, losing his hat on occasion but never his grip on the back of the careening carriage. It s nice that this screensaver offers a number of different customization options, including the ability to use your own tunes as a soundtrack if you d rather avoid the default holiday-tinged music. You also can adjust both the brightness and the gamma and choose the time of day. In addition, the application lets you determine the type, size, and number of toys that fall from the sky. 3D Runaway Sleigh is different enough from the rest of the Christmas screensaver fare in that it will keep you amused well into the new year.

"I got dizzy"

Summary: I love the snowstorm and the moving scenary. Not quite Imax quality, but it does add a great deal to the ambiance.

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