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  "3D Run Turkey Run" introduction:

3D images. Cartoon turkey runs for his life and tries to talk his way out of trouble as Pilgrim comes after him with an axe. Squeaky turkey voices in MP3 format and midi Thanksgiving music. 3D modeled animated graphics. Sound can be muted.

"Pretty cute"

Incredibly easy to install, no fuss or muss. Nice background with falling leaves and cool tree stump with an ax.

Kind of bland because all the turkey does is run across the screen, muttering little phrases, while being chased by a pilgrim dressed in black with an ax in his hand.


The updated version is probably pretty cute. But the free version has too much text on it.

the text running across the picture all the time.

"would not work on my machine"

"Hilariously entertaining"

Summary: Very cute turkey gooble, voice and imagery. You go turkey!

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