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  "3D Rabbit Dance" introduction:

3D Rabbit Dance Screen Saver has tuxedo-clad Easter bunnies dancing the rabbit dance to rollicking Celtic music. The rabbit dance is an ancient ceremony conducted by Easter bunnies from all over the world in preparation for the Easter season. Any resemblance to modern commercial "water" dances is purely coincidental. This program contains animated GIF images and WAV sound files. Sound can be muted, and password protection is available. The images in the registered version are all much larger.

CNet Review:

This quirky screensaver is nice and cheerful, showing rabbits step-dancing in tuxedos. When you install 3D Rabbit Dance, it conveniently sets itself to be the default screensaver, opens up the Settings window, and then opens the Display control panel to the Screen Saver tab. The only setting you can change is whether the audio plays, however. The Irish reel that plays didn't exactly evoke Easter for us, but it's pleasant and high-quality. The camera viewpoint moves quickly, which makes it tough to see the rabbits in action because they dance relatively slowly. Painted eggs fly around, bouncing off the sides of your screen and occasionally disappearing, to be replaced by other eggs. The scrolling nag marquee at the bottom is inoffensive, but the nag text overlay is slightly intrusive. Home or office users may enjoy the colorful and energetic representation of secular Easter symbols in 3D Rabbit Dance.

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