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  "3D Matrix Screensaver The Endless Corridors" introduction:

This 3D screensaver will give you an inside look at how the Matrix works. You will find yourself in a long, white corridor with multiple doors on either side, all looking exactly the same. Behind these doors are various realizations of the Matrix. Some look real, others contain errors, and others are still being constructed by the Matrix. Just like in the Matrix, this corridor never ends. The screensaver looks like one of the products of the Matrix itself--you can hardly tell what's real and what's not.

Version 1.4 fixed some minor bugs.

CNet Review:

Of the many screensavers based on the hit Matrix films, this one stands as one of the more captivating examples. In 3D Matrix Screensaver: The Endless Corridors, you find yourself walking though a mesmerizing maze of hallways as you open one door after another. We think the program's unpredictable twists make it all the more compelling. For example, behind the doors, you'll find everything from pyramids to skylines to matrix errors. The graphics certainly were better than acceptable, and movements were smooth and free of glitches. You can adjust the screen resolution, music and sound effects, door options, and texture quality, although you must register if you want to bring Agent Smith into the mix and rid yourself of the nag screen. We don't think any fans of the Matrix flicks will regret decorating their desktop with this screensaver.


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