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  "3D Manatees in Rippling Waters" introduction:

Blue-hued 3D manatees and fish roll, swim, and float in stylized rippling waters. Eerie music plays in the background. The program contains 3D-modeled and animated GIF images and MP3 sound files. Password protection is available and the animation is a Flash file. This program also is available as part of a set, at a significant per-screen discount.

CNet Review:

This screensaver plunges the viewer into a meditative mood. Graceful manatees slowly swim among the play of light-dappled water. The soundtrack to 3D Manatees in Rippling Waters is mystic. On installation, the program declares it will be your default screensaver without giving you any choice and asks you to restart your PC. Also, the trial version seems overloaded with nag notices. It starts with a splash screen ad, then the screensaver animation itself is overlaid with nag text while a scrolling nag appears below. The paid version promises "more and much larger manatees," according to the nag overlay. Fans of fish-tank screensavers may enjoy this change of pace, as might marine mammal enthusiasts.

"Manatee Lovers Rejoice!"

Summary: Manatees are such gentle giants, deserving of a better life. To have found this screen saver of the endangered tresure was a real treat! Thank you so very much!

"Does nothing for me."

"Lovely Rippling water"

Summary: The rippling water looks very realistic. I like the blue colors theme. Very soothing.

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