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  "3D Magic Fireworks Screensaver" introduction:

Enjoy different kinds of magic fireworks displayed above the 3D realistic cordillera, water world of Green Island, Coral Sea, Dream Garden, Snow Mountain, Champaign, and Deep Ocean. You can set each firework's speed, color, style, launch position, and launch height. Or just use easy settings for simplification. You can also toggle 3D real time water reflection and transformation of cordillera, turn on/off stereo or 3D reverb sound effects, adjust volume, choose your favorite music played at background, and mute sound or music at run time. If you like a peaceful environment, turn off the sound effects, or turn on your favorite light music, choose the proper water theme and styles of firework, this screensaver will show you different beautiful virtual world. If you want to place yourself in a busy holiday night, Ok, try this: turn on the 3D reverb sound and music, volume to max, select max number of fireworks, and all styles on, this combination definitely will 'noise you to crazy'.

"Fireworks? Yeah right"

The fact it can be uninstalled !!

For the first 2 seconds it seems okay but after that, it's nothing like fireworks. There's a sort of water-sea type thing at the bottom that don't do anything other than wave a bit. There aren't any reflections either.

Would I but it? Only if I wanted to waste my money on something rubbish!!

"15 bucks-ummmmm crook"

Summary: all i have to say is---15 bucks for what. have a good day

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