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  "3D Jeepers Creepers" introduction:

Animated 3D Creepers walk, crawl and slowly rise as an eerie fog slowly moves across bubbling green slime while spooky MP3 music plays. Spooky green glow backlights a Creeper that periodically walks behind the grate. The biggest Creeper randomly rises at the front of the scene. Keep an eye out for the spider that drops from the ceiling and scurries forward across the trash heap. Contains animated images and very spooky MP3 music file. Demo contains full set of features password protection, sound mute, volume control, background tint, brightness, selectable animation colors. Contains animated gif images and sound file. Provides password protection. Registered version doesn't have the overlay text and never expires. Available at a substantial per screen saver discount when purchased in a set. Remove demo using the Windows Control Panel add/remove programs. Version 1.3 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

"hum hum..."

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