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  "3D Fireworks by the Bay" introduction:

Fireworks shoot up from the water to light the sky over the rippling waters of the San Francisco Bay. Stars twinkle in the sky far above. Red beacons glow brightly and then dim atop buildings as outdoor lights flicker among the various waterfront establishments. The fireworks sound effects match the fireworks, growing louder for larger and nearer fireworks and softer for smaller, far-away ones. Sound can be muted. The program contains animated GIF images, and password protection is provided. The software is available in a variety of sets at a significant per-screensaver discount. It's also available as a free, 3D-animated e-card at www.SanDiegoEcards.com.

CNet Review:

This program blends a few nice visual elements with some mediocre ones, resulting in a screensaver that's strictly middle of the road. 3D Fireworks by the Bay shows you a fireworks display set against the skyline of scenic San Francisco. Though the buildings and night sky look realistic, the bursting fireworks and the moving bay waters are decidedly more primitive. We also noticed what we suspect is a geographical inaccuracy, as the famous Coit Tower appears perched atop another skyscraper. The feature set is extremely minimal, letting you only turn the fireworks sounds on or off. 3D Fireworks by the Bay isn't a bad addition to your desktop, but we think it needs more development.


"Spyware and Browser Hijack Onboard!"

None for the user, unless you don't mind your hosts file and browser hijacked, and spy/ad-ware put into your registry.

This software is a trojan horse for the WhenU.SaveNow and IncrediFind bugs - registry spy-adware - and the EUniverse browser hijacker!

How you could allow it on this system is beyond me. Most likely the unscrupulous people who wrote this otherwise nice idea had submitted a completely different version without the trojan programs.

It would appear that stuff from this "San Diego" group is trojanware in toto.

How else could the review be positive? Shame on you. Sham on us.

"Having A HD TV, I Believe That These Fireworks Would Look Great"

"Great effects"

Summary: The sound/fireworks sync is nicely done. The rippling bay waters is also very effective. Fireworks are good too.

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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