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  "3D Earth Screensaver" introduction:

3D Earth Screensaver is one of the most tranquil, soothing, and hypnotic screensavers that you will have to see to experience. It will bring back to you a sense of wonder when you stare in awe at the magnificent beauty of our very own planet Earth, spinning slowly on its axis in glorious 3D. Inspirational quotes float by to remind you of your place and responsiblity on this fragile Earth, and about what should truly matter in your life.

"What a screensaver should be!"

Wow, I like this product - runs well on my P4 computer, and looks superb! Was just staring at the screensaver at work, looking like a zombie to my workmates!! Like the customization options. And <$6 for quality like that - I bought the full version!

3D, so probably won't run as well/fast on older systems, so check out demo before buying.

"Very relaxing"

Looks good, many adjustable options, cheap too. Runs well on my bog standard PC, unlike some other screen savers. Would recomend to others!

Change default resolutn higher, but I know is adjustable too.

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