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  "3D Dancing Holiday Turkey Dinner Screensaver" introduction:

A 3D roasted turkey swing dances to a boogie-woogie beat. The turkey gets up off the table, drops to the floor, and swing dances as 3D animated vegetables and fruits float around a formal dining scene. The back-window view shows snow gently falling on a wooded landscape. The music is 1930s swing in MP3 format, and the sound can be muted in the full version. The turkey is made of soy; no actual turkeys were harmed in the production of this screensaver. You can choose additional animations if you'd like, including more fruit, holly, christmas ornaments, and candy canes. You can change the number, the size, the fade, the speed, and the type of animations. You also can change the screensaver's tint and brightness. You also can play up to 10 MP3 music file of your own. The registered version never expires and doesn't have the register reminder text.

CNet Review:

This Thanksgiving-themed screensaver earns points for both its humorous concept and its extensive feature set. In this program, a fully cooked Thanksgiving turkey hops off of the dinner table and begins to dance a jig to an old-school swing tune.

Soon enough, the pieces of fruit in the bowl also join in the fun. 3D Dancing Holiday Turkey Dinner's graphics and animations are both respectable, but the level of user customization is this application's strongest point. You can choose to disable the music or use your own MP3s; adjust the screen brightness and color values; and add extra dancing objects, such as holly leaves, candy canes, and Christmas ornaments. If you opt for the latter, you can even tweak the size, number, and speed of the animated objects.

Although this app does subject you to a nag screen, it won't ruin your holiday spirit with a bunch of needless adware. While obviously not appropriate for year-round use, this screensaver makes a lighthearted way to celebrate Thanksgiving.

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