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  "3D Dancing Hanukkah Teddy Bears" introduction:

Two darling Teddy bears in yarmulkes dance to the dreidel song as symbols and objects float down in front of the teddy bears. Select from falling snow and snowflakes, stars of David, dreidels, menorahs, coins, the Hebrew letters of the dreidel symbols, none or all. Demo contains full set of features: sound mute, volume control, background tint, brightness, selectable number, color, size, fade and velocity of animations. With demo you can also play up to 10 MP3 music files of your own. Have fun customizing this screen saver to your preferences. Contains animated gif images and sound file. Provides password protection.

Version 2.0 includes better music, new background, and new settings control panel with many new features.

CNet Review:

The latest surreal entry in the 3D dancing bear subgenre of screensavers celebrates the Festival of Lights. 3D Hanukah Teddy Bears features the familiar cartoon bears, this time wearing yarmulkes and festooned with a menorah and Stars of David, dancing as if they were on MTV. A well-arranged and well-orchestrated rendition of "The Dreidel Song" plays while more Stars of David, dreidels, and Hebrew characters float around the castle scene. The screensaver's only setting is mute. The registered version promises larger teddy bears and the removal of the unobtrusive but constantly scrolling nag marquee. The program exhibits some audio-quality issues, which is uncharacteristic for this software publisher, and these issues interfere somewhat with our enjoyment. Nonetheless, children in particular should get a kick out of 3D Hanukah Teddy Bears.

"The bears could have been cuter and the music was too loud."

I liked the idea but felt it could have had a better design and music.

Music was too loud. The bears too artificial looking.

"Oi vey! Pass me the bagles already!"

Summary: Oh my gawd, is it THAT time again? Jeez! Gotta go take a Schvitz. I'm sweating like a hooker in a church! But then again this is what ya get when you spend your life trading stocks and shooting porn films for MTV!

Bye bye kiddies--a...

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