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  "3D Cube Saver Gold" introduction:

3D Picture Cube Saver is a fully-customizable screensaver that allows you to place your own personal pictures on a moving 3D cube. It also allows you to play your own music or music playlist while the screensaver runs. Possible uses include... - Pictures of loved ones - Photos of your favorite musical group - Your company logo - Pictures of your pets - Almost any digital image you may have. Version 1.18 features enhanced multi-user support.

CNet Review:

This feature-rich screensaver lets you add a custom touch to your desktop, although you may need to play with its settings to achieve optimal performance. In short, the application places user-selected photos in a 3D cube, which then rotates on your screen. Although the cube is gold by default, you can change both it and the background color to one you like better. The rest of 3D Cube Saver Gold's feature set is enormous. For instance, you can set the image quality, the cube size, and the rotation speed, as well as enable or disable a few effects. The application allows you to use your own music files as a soundtrack, and version 1.18 added support for the ubiquitous MP3 format. At first, we had problems getting the screensaver to run smoothly on our test machine, but we're glad the developer includes a pop-up box of helpful hints to help you achieve the best performance for your system. Anyone looking for a nifty and adware-free screensaver ought to give this one a close look.


"So much more then I thought it would be !"

so easy to use, truly dummy proof. my 7 year old had the thing up and running wile I was up getting a soda.

I can't think of one thing they left out with this one,way to go boys !!

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