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  "3D Country Waterfall Screensaver" introduction:

A realistic waterfall ripples down stone steps into a shallow fish pond with realistic sound effects. Birds and butterflies fly by as a white rabbit hops behind a bush. There's a lovely country house and hillside scenery. The registered version of this screensaver does not have a demo splash screen, a scrolling marquee, or overlay text, but it does have sound-mute capabilities and never expires.

Remove the demo using the Add/Remove Programs control panel in Windows. The program contains 3D-modeled animated GIFs and an MP3 sound file, and it provides password protection.

CNet Review:

This screensaver conjures up a relaxing rustic scene, but we wished it allowed for a greater degree of user customization. The program displays a red country farmhouse perched on a hill above a waterfall. We were particularly impressed with the flowing water and the slow-moving clouds, both of which make Country Waterfall Screensaver seem quite realistic. We also liked the m lange of nature-oriented sounds, though you can disable them if you long to bask in silence. Unfortunately, that's about the only aspect of the screensaver you can configure. The five-day trial period may seem a bit stingy to some folks, but it's still preferable to the adware many screensavers cram down your throat. If you're looking to escape city life from time to time, Country Waterfall Screensaver can help you unwind.


Summary: Great sound effects, very realistic images. Really nice.

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