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  "3DMuse Generator" introduction:

The 3DMuse Generator is an authoring tool for creation of 3D image-based presentations. Just attach images to polygons, write text, select colors, choose music, define links, positioning and distance, then simply click to publish. The intuitive GUI guides you through the process of creating layers of information, which results in a dynamic digital presentation. Use the presentations locally on your computer, over the Web, or as a screen saver.

"if u want to make your images albums more interesting - that's the tool u need"

relatively easy 2 use, it enhances my images albums both on my computer and online.

it requires some system resources - but nothing an up-2-date computer can't handle.

"I created 3D presentation in just 10 seconds!"

The right click functionality creates presentations like you have never seen with only one click, and you can even publish it to the web.

I wasn't able to import movies to my presentation.

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