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  "365 North American Birds Screen Saver" introduction:

Transform your PC into a pair of binoculars and observe some of America's most beautiful birds. This animals screensaver presents over forty amazing colorful pictures of the bald eagle, brown pelican, California condor, green-back heron, cormorant and many other birds. Experience the calm and serenity that comes once you disconnect from the feeling that you have to do something. Use any screen saver image as your desktop background too.

CNet Review:

Though this wildlife-themed screensaver boasts eye-pleasing images and a nice set of features, several other factors reduce its appeal. 365 North American Birds Screen Saver features high-quality shots of a number of flying creatures, including the bald eagle, the blue jay, and the California condor. Unfortunately, this demo only displays 10 images for a single week; to make matters worse, the action is frequently interrupted by a rather irritating nag screen. We can't, however, gripe about the generous feature set, which lets you set the image interval, choose transition effects, change the background color, randomize pictures, determine caption placement, set a sticky note, or enable a snow effect. The one feature we missed was a built-in soundtrack or the ability to use our own MP3s as an audio accompaniment. This screensaver certainly has its share of positives, the demo is a bit to watered-down for us to give it a more enthusiastic review.

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