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  "2SCR Flash & Images Screensaver Maker" introduction:

2SCR is a tool to convert one of your favorite Macromedia Flash files (SWF) or images into a real screensaver. It is screensaver maker for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP. It allows you build your own screensavers with your favorite Flash animation files and solid show images. Three tools are enclosed with this package: swf2exe, exe2swf and personal theater.

"Free but nagware"

Easy to install and easy to use.

This program will quickly take the SWF file and turn it into a SCR file. However, after the screen saver is done playing, you will get a big nag screen up asking you to register this software. This program should be re-classified as Shareware.

"Too many bugs for me"

Small installation file, creates image slideshow screensavers as well.

Although Download.com says it's freeware, the product acts like shareware. Everytime I run it, there's a message box saying 'It's an unregister version'. Besides this fact, the program interface is ugly (I think I haven't seen such an ugly application before) and some buttons seem to be copied from another screensaver creator. Plus, 2SCR is very unstable, buggy, full of ads and contains too many grammar mistakes.

"Great software I love worked the first time"

Its great and a keeper everyone should have it

it said it had a error when it installed but still worked I not sure if this is a con but ....

Summary: I might even pay for it some day

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