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  "2CUROK Screensaver" introduction:

2CUROK is a screensaver that monitors your mobility by tracking when you last used the computer. It sends automated e-mails requesting help from those close to you. If you were to fall or were otherwise immobilised you would be unable to reset the 2CUROK Screensaver countdown and automated e-mail alarms would be sent. Warning audible alarms remind you to reset the screensaver countdown to prevent false alarms. Otherwise, e-mail alerts are sent to warn people that you may be in trouble. Once the bell, alert warning and alarm countdown have finished, the main alarm e-mail is sent to all of those who can check to see whether you need help.

In addition to this, a regular (e.g. daily) e-mail can be sent to those close to you, telling them when you were last mobile and therefore okay.

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