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"1 Moon Above" introduction:

A unique and stunning 3D Windows screensaver featuring the Moon, correctly positioned in relation to the Earth and Sun. See the current phase of the Moon, or accelerate time and see how the phase changes over the coming days and months. Additional visual effects include nebulae, stars, clouds, trees, sunrises and sunsets. 1 Moon Above can also play your favorite music whenever it is running. And you will never miss another eclipse. Version 4.3 has rebranded as 3D Wonders brand and improved error handling.

CNet Review:

Green cheese, a home for aliens, or object of the Cold War space race, the moon has always been a source of endless fascination. This 3D screensaver offers a view that displays the actual phases of the Earth's lunar satellite over time. Users can set the software to track the moon in real time, or accelerate its progress to see how it will change in the near future. The view can be set to emulate different geographical points, and can be customized by adding or subtracting elements such as stars, nebulae, trees, clouds, and the sun. Any audio file on a user's computer can be used as background music, although the software doesn't come with its own soundtrack. We'd happily recommend this download to anyone who has ever sat in their backyard staring into the night sky.

"I really do enjoy this screensaver"

I like the very realistic effect added to the unreal setting.

I don't like the fact that I can't add my personal location to their "trial version" of the screensaver.

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